Dungeon Cops #1

7 thoughts on “Dungeon Cops #1

  1. Please do a whole series of these! This was great!

  2. I absolutely agree, I want a series about this!

  3. Stephane Brosseau

    Oh my god!! This is so funny ! You have to make a serie of dungeon cop !

  4. Genius.

  5. I came here because someone shared this on Facebook. I agree with the other commenters about turning this into a series if you want, but I also went through the other comics you have up on here and I gotta say they’re all pretty funny. Keep up the awesome work dude. Maybe an epic crossover between Dungeon Cops and the Drug Guy in the future┬┐

  6. Yes, this is perfection. Please by all means turn this into a series.

  7. Wow. Dungeon Cop is a fantastic idea, run with it.

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